In Love Memphis Terms and Conditions

Cancellation policy:

Confirm your reservation with your immediate VIP registration payment. The VIP registration payment is a credit towards your table food and liquor spend for the night you attend. (This credit does not include hookahs - sold separately.) Cancellation of the reservation is ONLY allowed 24 hours PRIOR to the event. You will receive a refund credited in the method you submitted your payment. If you cancel or fail to check-in for your reservation In LOVE Memphis cannot honor your refund or credit the payment towards future events. Exact table location can be determined by the staff if deemed necessary by management. Prices are spending minimums to be used towards bottle service and food only. If purchased food and liquor exceed the registration credit, you will be responsible for the balance.


Advance Payment

The full Advance Payment will be charged at the time of booking. The Advanced Payment may include a non-refundable processing (the “Processing Fee”) and tax also to be charged at the time of booking. A portion of the Advance Payment will be applied towards guest’s final bill on the Reservation Date for food and alcohol only. At time of check-in on the Reservation Date, guest will be required to present a method of payment for his or her table/location.


Actual Spend, Tax, Gratuity, and Service Charge

All reservations will be charged the following on the Reservation Date:

  • Actual Spend: Guest will be charged the balance of the Actual Spend.

  • Sales Tax: Guest will be charged sales tax, which is currently 9.25% and subject to change, on the Actual Spend.

  • Gratuity: Guest will be charged a server gratuity of 18-20%.

  • Service Charge: Guest will be charged a service charge as follows:

    • Sundays, Monday's & Thursdays: $250 per section. $200 is a credit for food and beverages. $50 is a processing fee.

    • Friday's: $375 per section. $275 is a credit for food and beverages. $100 is a processing fee.

    • Saturday's: $375 for select sections. $275 is a credit for food and beverages. $100 is a processing fee.

    • Premium Saturday sections are $600. $475 is a credit for food and beverages. $125 is a processing fee.

    • These prices do not include special events.

    • Prices are subject to change based on demand or other extenuating circumstances.


​Cancellation and Refund Policy:

  • Advance Payment is non-refundable unless cancellation is received by venue at least 96 hours prior to 10:00 A.M. Central Time ('CST') of Reservation Date. Cancellations received less than 96 hours prior to 10:00 A.M. CST on Reservation Date will result in forfeiture of Advance Payment.

  • Processing Fee is non-refundable under all circumstances.

  • All cancellations must be requested by email at

  • Any attempted cancellation in a manner other than as described above shall be void and guest will not be entitled to a refund of any kind.

  • All guests must be at least 21 years of age with a valid government issued ID to be presented at the door. Copies or paper identification will not be accepted. Non-United States issued identification must be accompanied with valid passport to be presented at the door to enter the venue.

  • Guest must bring a printed copy of the email confirmation with PDF tickets(s), valid photo I.D matching the customer name for reservation and the same credit card used to purchase the deposit(s). Phone confirmations may be acceptable depending on demand.

  • Table location or placement subject to change without notice.

  • DJ, band or special guests or live entertainment is subject to change without notice.

  • Venue reserves the right to deny access into venue due to capacity restrictions.

  • Click here to see the Dress Code.

  • Disregard or violation of these Terms and Conditions will automatically invalidate reservation and guest will not receive a refund of any kind.

  • Management reserves all rights, including, without limitation, the right to cancel, suspend or modify the event at its sole discretion.

  • This offer is subject to all applicable federal, state, and local laws, and regulations.


Privacy Policy

We know your personal information is important to you and it is also important to us and therefore we decided to follow the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), not only for European individuals, but to all individuals regardless of nationality. This Privacy Statement tells you how we use your personal information and explains your rights around how we use it. Please read this Privacy Statement to understand how and why we use your personal information. If you give us personal information about another individual, please make sure you have their permission and please make them aware of this Privacy Statement as it also applies to them.


Why do we store data?

We store data relevant with the service we facilitated for a venue:

  • Data related to an online purchase.

  • Data related to a visit at a venue.

  • Data related to a request for a service at the venue.


​What data do we ask from you?

Depending on the service you used, we might ask of you:

  • Name

  • Address

  • Email

  • Gender

  • Date of Birth

  • Information Regarding your Visit (budget, special occasion, referrals, table booked…)

  • Billing Information

  • Information about Guests in your party 


How do we store your credit card or banking information?

We do not store credit card numbers, all our processing is tokenized, meaning the credit card information is sent to a processor that returns to us a token used to refer to that transaction or credit card. It is this token we also store some identifiers like the last 4 digits of your credit card, but we have no means of getting your credit card information as it resides solely with the processor. We also create a billing fingerprint for the sole purpose of detecting suspicious activities across venues.


What is our role?

We are a data processor as we store and process data on behalf of venues. Your data is not our proprietorship and we have no right to share it with anybody without the explicit consent of the venues.


What do we do with your data?

We put your data at the disposal of the venue you gave it to, whether for a purchase, reservation, or inquiry. The venues can export their data and can import it into their own CRM. The privacy protection we offer is limited to the data we store and process for the venue, you will need to review the privacy policy of the venue for data they might have exported from our system.


Where is the data stored?

See Privacy Policy for more information. Host provider privacy policy can be found here.